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Faith-Based Counseling

Pastoral Christian Counseling

Needing some help to accomplish goals you have for your life? Dealing with a disappointment or loss?


My name is Alan Walker, a Pastoral Christian Counselor. While I am a Christian Counselor, you do not have to be a person of faith or attend church to set up an appointment.


I have a passion to assist people in dealing with life.

Stress, Depression,

and Anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed in your daily life?  

This feeling can affect work, relationships, parenting, and marriages.  Anxiety can be paralyzing and we can find ourselves wanting to give up and go back to bed, pull the covers up over our head, and disappear.  

The stresses of life and relationships are real.

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Grief & Loss

Losing someone you love

There is never a good time to lose someone you love... whether a child, a sibling, a spouse, a best friend, or even a pet that we have loved for so many years. Grief and loss also come into areas that surprise us, such as a career change, failing health, or the affects of aging. 

Let's talk!

Marriage Counseling

Building a stronger and happier marriage

Whether you are looking for help to build a stronger marriage or need help in a time of crisis, I am here to offer coaching and counseling. Either as a couple or as an individual, I will listen carefully and we can talk.

I am a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator, which is a marriage assessment tool we can use to discover key areas of growth in your marriage.  This tool can help guide us through strengthening your marriage.  

Let's talk!

Pre-Marital Counseling

Prepare/Enrich is also a fabulous tool for those looking to get married.  Schedule an assessment to get your marriage started on good footing.  

Let's talk!

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